50 Cent Days

image_0bnxzuWe live in a society that measures beauty with a price tag.  Generally speaking, the more expensive an item is, the more valuable, or appealing, that item appears to its buyers. If someone were to purchase you, based on your beauty and your appeal, how much would you cost?

For those of you thinking, “50 cents tops”, I’m right there with you! But friends, let me tell you about the one who purchased you. Let me tell you of what value you are to Him.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us that we were “bought with a price”, and that our bodies are “from God”.  We “are not [our] own”. God purchased us.  He owns us.  And as our owner, God alone holds the right to measure our beauty.  No other human being, not even ourselves, has the right to decide how beautiful or valuable we are. That right belongs to our owner.

God considered each of us beautiful and valuable enough to offer up His only Son.  God found each of us worthy of exchanging His most valuable possession for.  When He purchased us with the blood of His Son, God placed a price on us that no human can ever repay.  You are beautiful because you are worth the blood of God’s only Son.  You are beautiful, because your owner says so.

When we stop believing we are beautiful, whether physically or spiritually, we tend to hide ourselves from the world—we pass up opportunities to shine, to spread Christ. The way we feel about ourselves outwardly and inwardly, directly affects how we interact with the world.  So, when we allow television, magazines, friends, or even mirrors, to convince us we are anything less than beautiful, we immediately reduce our chances of sharing God’s beauty to others. God expects us to share our beauty with the world even on days that we personally feel like a “50 cent” purchase.  We don’t hold the right to wake up and decide for ourselves if we feel beautiful or not.  God tells us we are beautiful and therefore we are expected to live in confidence of our beauty while sharing that beauty with those who enter our path every day.

During certain stages of my life, looking into the mirror disgusted me.  I defined beauty as that which was seen rather than that which was felt.  I constantly compared my hair, my teeth, my face, my features, and my overall appearance to the outwardly beautiful girls around me.  Such comparisons diminished my ability to feel beautiful.  But more importantly, such comparisons diminished my ability to spread Christ as God expects us to. The truth is, our beauty compares not to anyone else’s beauty, for we are all beautiful in the eyes of God, our purchaser, our owner.  The truth is, true beauty radiates through our actions, our love, our hearts, and our spirits. That beauty can be felt and spread every day, even on those “50 cent” days.

Jennifer Savage
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I am a medical missionary who has experienced 5 mission trips to Belize and Guatemala. I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, photograph"ing", any and every sport, and laughing until I cry. For me, writing is therapy that assists me in focusing on what truly matters in life--God, others, self reflection, purpose, love, and peace.

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