Abigail: A Lesson In Peace (Among Other Things)

imageb77lwsLet’s say you get married (maybe you fall in love or maybe your dad arranges your marriage…who knows?) and life isn’t quite what you expected. Your husband is a mean, selfish man with poor manners. Not exactly a girl’s dream, right? Well what would you do? How would you act? Would you sulk and pity yourself, or would you accept that your life is what it is and serve God anyway?

Abigail chose to serve God.

Abigail’s story can be found in 1 Samuel 25:3-42. Here’s an overview: David and his men were in the wilderness hiding from Saul. They were near the household of Abigail and her wealthy husband Nabal and had been protecting Nabal’s property. David sent men to speak to Nabal to peacefully ask for any food and water that he could spare. Nabal, being the harsh man that he was, told them that he wouldn’t spare anything, so they reported this to David. This angered David and he prepared his men to fight.

Once Abigail heard about all that had taken place, she hurried to take David and his men food and drinks (and even dessert!) as a peace offering.  When she got to him, she immediately bowed before David and asked forgiveness on Nabal’s behalf.  David was happy with her act of peace and called off the fight. She returned home and eventually told Nabal all that had happened. Then scripture says that Nabal’s “heart died within him, and he became as stone” and was struck dead by the Lord ten days later! When David heard about it, he sent for Abigail to become his wife. She was honored and humbly accepted!

So that’s Abigail’s happily ever after. All because she chose to serve God above all else. We don’t know exactly how she came to be Nabal’s wife, but we do know how she dealt with it. There are several things we can learn from her story and her example:

She was kind.
Abigail had no problem sharing food with David and his men. She gave more than was asked for.  This “fruit of the spirit” (Gal. 5:22) was probably shown to others on a daily basis as well.

She was peaceful.
When she heard about what had happened and the fight that was approaching, scripture says she “made haste” (v.18) to bring a peace offering. She knew she had to do something quick if peace was going to be possible. Jesus said “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you” (John 14:27).

She was hardworking.
She had a relationship with her servants and she personally went with the servants who helped her bring food to David. We are also called to work for God (1Cor. 15:58).

She was courageous.
Can you imagine what courage it took to go to an army about to attack your home and beg them to reconsider? I’d bet it was something similar to the courage David had as he faced Goliath. (1 Sam. 17:45) Jesus gave us a reason to be courageous as well! (John 3:16)

And most importantly, she was faithful.
When she met David, she knew that he was “fighting the battles of the Lord” and that God would appoint David “prince over Israel” (v.28, 30). Abigail believed in God and trusted in His plan. Faith is one of the most important tools we have as Christians!  Because of Jesus, Christians are saved by grace and we can have faith that we will have an eternal home with our Lord.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”Heb. 11:1

Abigail’s story is a great one. Because of her faith and other noble characteristics, God saw fit to share her story in the Bible for us to read and learn from. Let’s strive to be the kind of women who possess these characteristics and choose to serve God above all else!

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