Built on him or Built on Him?

pic497_jsuprgThe beginning of relationships can be quite fun.   You get to know the guy who you are interested in.  You ask one another a million questions about what you like, what you dislike.  You spend time with him.  You spend the rest of the time thinking about him.  You wonder if you will get to see him in the hallway.  You wonder if he’ll compliment you on the way your hair looks today.  You devote so much time to this guy and to being with this him.  Then, as the relationship progresses, you know them. You know them really well.  You have trust in your relationship.  You still find out new things about that person, but the foundation is already there.  Then, as the relationship continues to grow, you commit to one another.  You love each other with an unconditional love.  You know that no matter who walks into your life, this guy you are with will always be your love.  You commit to him completely.

What if we took this relationship, this dating relationship, and applied it to our relationship with God?  I don’t believe there is anything wrong with a dating relationship with a guy, but before we need to really date anyone else, we need to date God.  We need to fall in love with Him, and the best time to do it is now.  Now before we develop serious relationships with anyone else.  We need to make God our first true love.  How do you do that though?  How do you fall in love with God?  How do you date God?

I think we can treat it just like the other relationship.  We spend the beginning of our relationship with Him getting to know Him.  We become familiar with His likes, His dislikes, His characteristics, His personality.  We spend a good amount of time truly searching for Who God really is.  Then, when we aren’t spending time “with” Him, He is a constant part of our thought process.  We are thinking about the things we learned about Him.  We are looking forward to more time we can spend with Him.   Then, after time, we really do know God.  Not just know OF Him, and know of the things He likes, but truly know Him.  Then, we come to a point of complete trust in our relationship with Him.  We know that it is a solid relationship. We know we are completely committed.  We know, without a doubt that God loves us unconditionally, and we love Him with every piece of ourselves.  We know that at the end of the day, no matter what goes on in life, God is our love and no matter what other relationships we have in this world, our relationship with Him is strongest and most important.

Once we get to this point of loving God, and have developed that relationship, everything else, including earthly relationships, begin to fall into place.  We don’t have our life built on a boy, but we have our life built on God.  When things work out with a guy, we have already learned to love in a perfect way because we have followed God’s example and His love is perfect (1 John 4:16-19).  And then, when things do work out with a guy, we know that our relationship with God is always there, and it will never fail as long as we stay committed.  We have a foundation.  We have a first love.  So base your life on a relationship with Him, your God.  No other “him” will do.

Jamie Thompson
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I am passionate about a lot of things in life, about being outdoors in God’s amazing creation, about knowledge, about church camp, about learning about the amazing human body, and most of all about my wonderful God and the souls He created. I love to help serve God in any way I can, and love being able to be part of this ministry!

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