Wesley and Amanda

February 1, 2017 0

I’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark movies lately, a by-product of living in a house with three girls and a 5-month old son who can’t yet voice his opinion. In most Hallmark movies the […]

Jacob and Jessica

December 7, 2016 0

If you are a fan of romantic films/books you may have noticed that the relationship between the two main characters often begins with a serendipitous moment. A strong gust of wind suddenly blows the scarf […]

JJ and Lisa

November 2, 2016 0

My life changed for the better on August 4, 2008. The first time I interacted with Lisa Stapleton. “Hello!” I saw on my screen. “Yes my brother did mention you…and what he said wasn’t nice […]

Jeremy and Sarah

December 4, 2015 2

My wife is way out of my league. In fact, I was told that very thing only moments after my first encounter with her. After playing foosball against her in the student center at Freed-Hardeman […]

Charles & Kay

August 9, 2015 0

It is a cold day in late January of 1956, and I find myself feeling that the day is controlling my life much more than I am willing to admit. Even the possibility of it […]

Chase and Kristen

August 6, 2015 0

I was in Mexico on a study abroad program with Freed Hardeman University.  Shortly into the trip, I noticed the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  For two weeks, I walked around and occasionally […]

Troy and Meagan

August 6, 2015 0

What thoughts would come to your mind if I told you that I met my wife online? Facebook to be specific. I know what you are thinking, “That is the most romantic thing I have […]