Excited or Impacted?

Are you excited about Jesus? Are you excited about the promises of heaven we’ve received? Do you love meeting with the church and getting to spend time with your friends there? The answer to all of these questions should be a resounding “Yes!”.  Today, I’d like to let you in on a little secret. The secret is that there’s more to Christianity than just being excited. While we should feel very excited about our Savior and all He brings, there should be more to our relationship with Him. Being excited is a good first step. The next step is to let Him impact you. With His life and His words, Jesus seeks to impact you to your core. So much so that your entire life changes and you commit everything to Him. Today I’d like to share with you an example of being excited about Jesus versus being truly impacted by Him.

In Luke 5:1-11 we read about Peter and one of his interactions with Jesus. Up to this point Peter had heard of Jesus plenty and knew he was a good teacher. Jesus and Peter knew each other well enough that Jesus got into Peter’s boat and asked him to push out into the water. Peter was a normal guy with a normal job and regular life problems. Suddenly, here he was with a local celebrity in his boat! The guy that does and teaches crazy things is in his boat! I’m sure he thought it was fun and exciting to know Jesus. But really, what did it do for Peter to just be an excited fan of this Jesus? Not much. He had an extra great day with some extra attention from the crowd, his friends, and his family. But really, being a fan of Jesus got him nowhere. What’s extraordinary about the interaction between Peter and Jesus in Luke 5 is what happened to Peter on this day. On this day, he became more than just a fan.

On this particular day, Jesus met Peter where he was at. Jesus did a miracle within the world and the profession that Peter understood more than anything else in life! On this day Jesus asked Peter to cast his nets out into a lake he’d hopelessly fished all night. Peter obeyed and Jesus caused a massive haul of fish to come into the nets. At this moment Peter knew that Jesus was a lot more than a local celebrity. Peter saw for himself that Jesus had miraculous power over even the fish of the sea! Peter now had a choice. He could continue to be excited about his celebrity friend, haul in the fish, and go sell them for more money than he’s ever seen. Or, he could let the power of Jesus impact him deep in his soul. Thankfully, Peter chose the latter. He chose to let his experience with Jesus that day cut him to the heart. Peter realized how sinful and small he was. He also realized how amazing, mighty, and powerful Jesus was. This realization hurt Peter so much that he asked Jesus to leave and get away from such a sinful man as himself. Jesus saw Peter’s broken heart and gave him a chance at a new life. Jesus called Peter to leave his family, business, and the biggest catch of fish ever in order to follow Him. Because Peter let Jesus impact him, he heard the call and followed Jesus. Being excited wears off. But being impacted by Jesus changes you forever. Being impacted by Jesus means that you let Him change you into a worker for the kingdom of God. Being impacted to the core by Jesus never wears off. It changes you so much so that all you do is for the glory of God. Peter and his life are an unwavering example of this.

So what about you? Are you just excited about Jesus and the blessings He brings? Have you just experienced Him as a fan on the sidelines? Or are you willing to let Jesus meet you where you’re at, break your heart, impact you to the core, and forever make you a servant of His? I hope you’ll make the choice today to get to know Him in such a way that your soul and your eternity is completely and totally impacted by Him.

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Jessica is a Durant, OK native and teaches nursing at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where her husband is employed as the campus minister.

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