God’s Plan for You

image_yoryqgAt times I envy the simplicity of Adam and Eve’s relationship. Adam bypassed the, at times, hurtful, confusing, frustrating process of searching for “the one.” God created the perfect match for him right there in front of his own eyes.

And Eve, well, she never had to worry about looking perfect for Adam. She stood there before him naked, without make up, without a new hairdo, without fashionable clothing, and was found perfect in the eyes of her man. Neither one had to worry about working through the other’s impurities form past relationships. Everything about their relationship was perfect, whole, satisfying, and pure.

Oh what we girls wouldn’t give to skip the heart breaking experiences of finding our “Mr. Right”, or to avoid enduring those moments of insecurity when we just don’t feel pretty or perfect enough for the opposite sex, or to enter into a relationship without the regret of former impurities. Wouldn’t we all love to experience the Adam and Eve relationship?

But that was then, and this is now. And now, girls, we don’t have the luxury of only having one man to choose from. We have millions. Now, we don’t have the privilege of living in a world where sin was not yet present.  Because of this population explosion and presence of sin, what we often observe and experience, is far from the Adam and Eve relationship.

What we often see and experience revolves around pain, brokenness, anger, disappointment, divorce, irreversible decisions, fear, abuse, sexual immorality, pornography, misguidance, poor education regarding sex and relationships, rape, and the list of negative experiences goes on and on.

If your personal negative experiences and skewed images of what a healthy relationship and marriage ought to look and feel like, have you so broken and detached from the idea of pursuing marriage, GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU!

Let Him prove it to you through His word in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” God knows exactly what will satisfy you, just as He did for Adam and Eve. If marriage is not what fulfills you on this earth, He will find a way to satisfy your longing for companionship, whether through a friend or family, or a career devoted to serving others.

Marriage is not the only way to experience a fulfilling life full of love, service, intimacy, security, wholeness, and beauty. If it was, would not our precious Savior have walked this earth with a wife beside Him?

Look to Jesus to see the beauty of a single life devoted to God’s work, if such a life is what you choose. His heart was full of love towards and from friends and His Christian family.  His time was filled with serving others and God, which in return gave Him his security, intimacy, joy, companionship, and fulfillment.

It’s time that you set aside your worries, frustrations, fears, and insecurities if you’re considering the single life. God has a beautiful plan for you, and if you entrust yourself to His work, that plan will be fulfilling, full of joy, hope, and love, secure, and everything your heart desires to experience in this life. You will not be alone. You will not be useless. You will not be less valuable. You will be God’s treasure and precious tool.

He has a plan for you.

Jennifer Savage
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I am a medical missionary who has experienced 5 mission trips to Belize and Guatemala. I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, photograph"ing", any and every sport, and laughing until I cry. For me, writing is therapy that assists me in focusing on what truly matters in life--God, others, self reflection, purpose, love, and peace.

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