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image_zbwerwFriday, May 20th and school is out!  FINALLY!!  Too bad I have to wake up at 7:15 for another week and be tortured in that dreaded school building learning how to drive.  To say that I’m nervous doesn’t even begin to tell you how scared I am to get behind the wheel of a car…… Alone!!  I have to learn all the hundreds of laws and what sign means what and get the feel of how to actually drive. It’s gunna be a LONG week…

My teacher starts class with stories of wrecks that former students of my school have been in.  The scary part is that some were fatal and some simply just startled someone, but they all scared me that same.  I’m 15 years old for crying out loud!  Don’t tell me that and then put me into the drivers seat!  I can’t drive a two thousand pound vehicle alone!  Somehow I’m going to have to figure out a way to calm down and drive responsibly.

The whole first day in class I didn’t act to scared on the outside but on the inside I was scared to death.  When I got home yesterday, on Monday, I realized something about driving alone and that is that I won’t be alone.  I have Jesus on my side.  Ha!  Take that driving! There was absolutely no reason for me to be worried in the first place. If only I would have remembered that before I panicked like a little girl.

Too often in my everyday life do I forget that Jesus is always here with me.  Wherever I go I know that I have somebody who loves me and that I can trust and I find comfort in that. Jesus is always there. We find sometimes that we don’t always open up our hearts to Him, but He’s kinda like air: It’s always there, but if we don’t decide to breath it in, we WON’T get it.  Matthew 28:20 “… teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” 

You know the feeling after you take in a huge gulp of air after you have been holding your breath?  Well that’s the feeling I get in my heart after I don’t read my Bible for a few days or don’t talk to God and then I do. Although it is a comfort to be able to “breath” again I’m trying very hard not to make a habit of it.  Nobody ever said being a Christian was going to be easy.  You have to develop a pattern and learn from your mistakes. Just like driving.   Have faith that you can do it!!

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