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image_vzes0y_300x5000So just earlier today I was reading all of the papers/notes/quotes that I have in one of my Bible notebooks.  Some notes from a few Christian brothers and sisters, a letter from an old friend, some of my favorite quotes out of sermons.  Just sitting there caught up in the moment, I started thinking, “Why am I so blessed?  God has given me everything I have ever needed and what I have wanted to an extent.  Why do I hear daily about abusive parents and suicides and parents barely staying on their feet when my life is so structured, so…secure?”

I prayed to God and thanked Him for everything He has done for me.  I now have the drive to show God how much He means to me.  Whatever way I can prove to God that I am thankful for Him and love Him with all of my heart, I will do.  Just a few small items made me realize that I’m not doing all that I can for God.  How can I be so inconsiderate?  He sent His own Son to die for me, for you.

The next time that I have a bad attitude I’m going to think about all that I have.  All that I have because of God.  I wish I had the opportunity to meet Jesus while He was on Earth.  How awesome would it have been to sit at His feet and hear a lesson about who He is and why He came to Earth?  I know when I am going through bad times I like to keep to myself.  I sulk, listen to some music and try to get over it.  I never put my problems at God’s feet and walk beside Him hand in hand through it all.

The next time I’m not too happy about something I’m going to pray to God and think about what all He has blessed me with.  I know I will always think of something that will bring a smile to my face – Jesus loves me through the good and bad.  He loves us all. <3

Micaela Curtman
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Micaela is a southern Oklahoma girl currently living in Tennessee.

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