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image_yuh7nlOK, before you say “oh great, an article about kids” and quickly go off to another page I want you to know I’m talking about little kids, like ages five and under.  If you know me, you know that I love kids.  I love going to bed at 1 am because they wouldn’t go to sleep and waking up at 6 am with them.  I love, love, love babysitting my niece and nephews.  I was talking about this with a good friend of mine (who also loves kids) and we decided we want to run an orphanage.  That is what we want to do with our lives: help kids find families, be happy, and most importantly, learn about God.  I was thinking about why I love being around young kids sooo much and came up with four reasons.

Reason #1
They are always happy.  Of course they cry every now and then, but overall they are happy.  They don’t have to worry about who they will be friends with or what they look like.

Reason #2
They show you they love you.  Have you ever had a baby hold their arms out to you or fall asleep on your shoulder?  Without even speaking, they will let you know how they feel and it makes you feel good inside.

Reason #3
They love to play.  To be 14 years old I love to play WAY too much.  They are easygoing and know how to have fun.  Life isn’t always serious; you gotta learn to play.

Reason #4
Believe it or not, some kids like to learn.  I love meeting the kids that like to learn.  I love meeting the kids like that.  It is an amazing opportunity to teach them about the Bible.

I wish I could be a little kid again, and, in some ways, we should try to be like them.  Yeah I know, sounds crazy right?  But think of how much happier our lives could be not worrying about what people think about us, being able to show our emotions, sharing the gospel, and learning life isn’t always serious and that you have to learn to dance every now and then.

Micaela Curtman
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