Peace and Balance: Looking for Calm in a Life of Chaos

pic_drawer_133532_3tpxpzI’m a senior in high school, so if anyone knows the problems with balancing the different aspects of life, it’s me. Between high school and concurrent college classes, extra-curricular activities, volunteering, my spiritual life, and working, it seems that I meet myself coming and going.  Girls are especially known for multi-tasking, but when we’re truthful, how many of us can say we are actually good at it?  What about that one girl—we all know her—who seems to have it all down? She does everything and does it flawlessly.

But the truth is, she doesn’t.

None of us can possibly do everything and still do it all well. Our human nature tends to get us thinking that we can do everything if we try hard enoughbut when we get down to it do we really give the necessary attention to the activities going on in our life? Or do we just string ourselves out until we find ourselves doing mediocre, insufficient jobs and then blame our less-than-stellar efforts on just being busy?

How do we find balance, which can be defined as “a state of equilibrium”?  If you’re like me, you give yourself an ultimatum for pleasurable activities, the fun things. You say, “Okay this week I have ___ and ___ to do, but I can’t do that before  ___ and ___ get done” or you put things in categories; You have a “spiritual”, “school”, and “fun” category.

What’s wrong with all that, you ask? Everything starts to add up eventually. You get such an overload of responsibilities you eventually have to let things slip, and what usually slips? Our spiritual lives. Maybe you read your Bible every morning for 30 minutes at the beginning of the school year, but by the time second semester rolls around, you start to realize that you don’t even touch your Bible unless you’re going to church. We think it will be okay and that we’ll just start up again when softball season is over or when the play rehearsals are through or when you catch a break from all the studying for school. I get it. We all do. We are all busy and it is really hard to balance God, school, and social life. You end up feeling like the slightest thing will just tip you over the edge.

But God does not want that for us.  There is a place for balance in our lives.  Solomon, in all of his God-given wisdom, writes that there is “a time for everything” (Ecc. 3:1-8). We can, and should work to see the place for things and events in our lives.

So that first definition of balance calls it “the state of equilibrium”. That means that everything in our life gets an equal amount of care and attention. Should God get the same amount of attention our time on social media gets? Let’s take a look at another definition of balance: “the mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgement, etc.”

Mental steadiness and emotional stability. Does that sound like the life of someone who is so busy they cannot even think straight? Of course not! What is the ultimate way we achieve peace and steadiness? God! Philippians 4:7 describes God’s peace as “the peace that passes understanding”. So if your time with God is rushed, as if you are trying to squeeze Him into your schedule, will you ever feel truly balanced?

Instead of trying to balance God along with all the other aspects of your life, use Him as your scale with which you balance everything else. Once you measure everything to His standard, things will start to fall into place. So start focusing on the important things in life, instead of all the things and distractions life can offer.  Look forward to living a life of the peace God offers instead of the chaos of doing it all.

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Kennedy is currently a student at Oklahoma Christian University.

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