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image_pjkyyrOne of the things I love to do most in this world is read. To get into a good book and not be able to put it down despite your best efforts. To forget everything in the real world and wander into a new one for a while. To feel the grief, happiness, sorrow, and anger of the characters. Reading can take you to places that your mind has honestly never been to before.

Reading non-fiction seems to hold my attention more than other types of books. Perfectly imperfect characters + teen romances + happy endings = The PERFECT book for a teenage girl. I love to sit down on a boring Saturday when I have nothing to do and read one or two…. or maybe three books a day and it is a near perfect day. When I was little I remember always writing “books”. Now that I’m older and I have read those “books” I’m glad I left writing to Judy Bloom, Stephanie Meyer, and Laura Anderson Kurk. But even though I do love those authors I love Paul, John, Luke, and Matthew even more.

As I was sitting down reading Glass Girl I felt a little guilty. I started to think about how long it had been since I had read my Bible. I immediately came up with the excuse that I was too busy (I’m glad Jesus wasn’t to busy for me.) or that i would read the Bible when I was done with my other book. (I’m also glad that Jesus didn’t put me second.)  Although I find absolutel nothing wrong with reading other books I do think that it is important to balance your pleasure book and the most important Book in the world.

Even though it was more difficult than it should have been to put my book down and pick up my Bible and read that. I’m glad I did. I started reading Matthew, about the life of Jesus Christ. I found out soon enough that you can get wrapped up into the Bible just as easy as my favorite books. I strongly encourage you to try it out once or twice a day. A little 4 or 5 year old boy that I know says it best: Read your bible and pray everyday, pray eveyday, pray everyday; read your bible and pray everyday and grow, grow, grow.

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