Relying on God’s been a while since I’ve written one of these! It’s now almost February and a couple weeks into my second semester at college- I cannot believe it! Everyone told me that once I went home for Christmas break, I would be dying to come back “home” to college. I knew I would miss it, but I didn’t anticipate exactly how good it would be to be back.

Of course, I miss my family and my friends from home a lot; saying bye to them will always be hard. But being back at Harding and into the swing of things, I realize just how much I love this place. The people I have met here are so incredible, and I’ve formed relationships that I know will last long after I move out of the dorms and into the real world. I’m not going to lie and pretend that it was super easy to make friends the first semester. I had no problem meeting people; there were tons of opportunities for that. The difficult part was forming the close knit relationships like I had at home. It wasn’t until I was separated from my new friends for a whole month while we all went home that I really could see how much these people mean to me.

There were a lot of times last semester that I just prayed to God to give me the strength to wait and to be patient and to find my place in this whole new life that I had so quickly jumped into. And what do you know? He answered my prayers in an amazing way! I wanted to be where He wanted me, serving Him any way that I could, but often I got caught up in my own time frame, wanting things to be moving much faster than He wanted them to be. College is full of so many decisions; I’ve really been forced to decide who I am and who I want to be. I struggled with feeling comfortable and at home in this new place, relying on God and trusting His timing. I enjoyed my first semester so much, don’t get me wrong. But it was definitely harder than I expected.

A few weeks ago, I heard a lesson about the way we always pray that God will show us what He wants us to do, who we should marry, what college we should go to, the answers to everyday decisions, some with big effects, some with barely any effect at all. The speaker made a point that I really loved though. No matter what the decision is, God wants us to use that decision to glorify Him. Who we marry doesn’t matter as much as whether or not we devote ourselves to being a Christian spouse. What college we go to is not near as important as the example we set for our classmates and our daily focus on walking with God. We can do amazing things for God no matter where we are in life. This has made me feel so much more comfortable at school.

I’ll always miss my family, but I know that I have another home here in Searcy, Arkansas, where God is helping me to grow closer to Him than ever before and showing me ways to serve Him in everything I do. I’m so excited for everything that this new semester holds and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys!

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Ashleigh is a student at Harding University and has a love of travel and mission work.

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