Sisters in Christ

image_puc396Let’s talk about a few things you probably already know.  God is our Father.  We are His children.  Therefore, as girls and ladies in God’s family, we are sisters.  Just as our physical blood makes us sisters in this life, the fact that we’ve all been washed in the blood of Christ makes us sisters in Him.  Also, just like sisters here on earth living under the same house and sharing experiences and traditions, we do the same.  We experience grace, peace blessings, God’s love, mercy, and joy together.  We share in worship, heartaches, communion, and fellowship with one another.  It is no wonder the church is called God’s family.

However, I think we also know that being sisters in Christ isn’t always cupcakes and prayer circles.  Being sisters in Christ can be tricky.  Any relationship that has more than one girl in it is bound to be challenging at some point.  Then, the more you have, the more work it takes to keep those relationships the way God designed them to be.

My sister Kaylee is my best friend.  This has not been the case all of our lives, though.  We had to learn to live with one another.  We had to find common ground despite our different interests.  We had to learn how to work through disagreements (and even downright fights) with each other.  We had to spend time with one another.  We had to consciously decide we wanted to be close as sisters, and strive towards that.

I am not at all implying that as sisters in Christ we will all be best friends.  I truly do not think that it would be possible and I don’t think that is what God has asked of us.  Even Paul and Barnabas had disagreements and had to part ways for a while (Acts 15:36-41).  However, I do think that as sisters in Christ we need to work on being closer.  As with most things, this is probably easier said than done.  God has called everyone, despite their pasts, despite their personalities, despite their interests, to be in His family, and will accept anyone that is willing to accept Him.  As humans, I think this is a bit harder for us.  It is natural to want to cling to people that are similar to us.  Yet, we are called become like our Father in this way as much as any other.  Who are we to reject anyone when our Lord has accepted them??

This brings us to the “how.”  How do we become closer with our sisters in Christ?  We know that it may not be easy, but we know that God has called us to accept one another and to be close as a family should be.  The only way I know to answer this is by going back to my relationship with my sister.  I think that just as Kaylee and I had to do, we need to:

Learn to live with one another.  This is something God did not give us a choice about.  He has commanded us to meet with one another.  We must first of all learn to simply live with each other because this is what God has asked us to do.

Find common ground despite our different interests.  Again, God calls everyone to His table and we are a part of that.  We will have a lot in common with some of our family members.  Others, we might not have anything in common with at all.  This is not true though.  We have Christ’s blood and His Holy Spirit.  There is nothing greater to have in common with anyone.

Work through our disagreements.  We will not all get along 100% of the time.  There will be things we do not agree on.  We must learn to work through these things in a godly manner and then put them behind us and all work towards the common goal.

Spend time with one another.  I’m sure we all have friends that are our “church friends” and our “other friends.”  Let me encourage you to spend some time with your Christian sisters.  You will never be able to build a bond with them otherwise.

Consciously decide to become closer.  Sometimes, becoming closer with our sisters in Christ is not exactly what we want to do.  But ladies, these are the girls we will be spending eternity with.  These are the people that God has chosen for you to live with for all of time.  Make an effort to go ahead and build a stronger bond with one another.

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