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image7vvqldSummer is just around the corner! Which means millions of girls will be working on their beloved tans! We hear songs on the radio about tan lines and soaking up the rays. People will be spending hours upon hours lathering on the oils to achieve the perfect tan. If you are light skinned like me, you will get lots of burns until finally achieve a subtle hint of a tan that will leave you feeling proud. Our world is obsessed with tans!

While sun tanning (if overdone for vanity purposes) can be dangerous, there are lots of studies proving that soaking in the sun’s rays are good for you physically and emotionally. It gives you that Vitamin D your body needs and makes you feel happier. People who live in places where the sun hardly shines are far more likely to be depressed than in places where the sun shines all year round. Let’s think about this in a spiritual light now.  Imagine how amazing it would be if the girls of our world would focus just as much time on soaking in the SON of God and His word, as they do the sun rays. We would have a world full of people who are spiritually and emotionally happier and healthier human beings. I want to challenge you to not let this summer pass you by without having grown closer to God and soaked Him up as much as possible! Here are a few ideas:

Daily Bible Reading
There is no better way to get to know God more than to read His Words that He has given us! If we spend little to no time in His Word, than we will never grow to be the Christians that we should be. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tell us that Scripture is given to us to us for instruction and to make us complete. There are approximately 12 weeks (84 days) in summer, so here are some different plans for study this summer!

  • Read a chapter a day starting with Matthew and by the end of summer you will have read through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • Read one chapter of Genesis a day and then read a chapter of Proverbs a day.
  • While reading keep a highlighter on hand and highlight the verses that encourage you or if you read something that you need to work on in your life. Really focus on those specific scriptures.

Prayer Life
1 Thessalonians 5:17 tells us to “pray without ceasing”. Prayer is our avenue to talk to God. We need to take advantage of this huge blessing God has given to us. I can tell you personally that when I struggle the most in this life and do not feel as close to God as I should, it has always been when my prayer life is lacking. We need to pray every day, several times a day. Here’s some ways to improve your pray life over the next few months!

  • Start a prayer journal and write in it every day. Set aside a special time to focus on this and really concentrate on your prayer, maybe right before or after your Bible reading. Write in your prayer journal:
  • Requests: Your struggles and sins you need help with, your desires for your future, prayers for friends or families who need help, etc.
  • Blessings/Thankfulness: Anything you are feeling blessed by! Focus on your love for God, too.
  • Prayers Answered: Keep a list of prayers that have been answered, whether it was the answer you wanted or not.

If you get in a habit of reading your bible daily and praying continually, your relationship with God will grow so much! Do not stop after summer is over. Summer will be a perfect time to make this a habit! You will want to keep it up. Do not let summer come and go and all you have to show for it is a pretty brown tan with no spiritual growth! Soak up God and you will be a happy and better you!

Alicia Bookout
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Alicia and her husband Garrett currently serve at the Northwest congregation in Lawton, OK. They have two children: Emma and Wesley.

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