Sold Out

image_85e0csHave you ever seen an ad for something, (shoes, a dress, a purse, a jacket, or whatever you’ve been looking for) whether it be in a magazine or commercial, and known that whatever it was, is exactly what you have been looking for?  You have the perfect place to wear it, the perfect outfit to wear it with?  So, you take a special trip to the mall or that store, and then when you get there, right where that thing is supposed to be… There is a “Sold Out” sign?  You know that they are all gone.  There is no chance that there is more in the back.  All of them are taken, belonging to some other person out there.  I’m not sure about you, but this is completely frustrating for me.

Ladies, we need to completely sell out to God.  There is a shopper out there that is looking for exactly what we have so that he can take ownership: Satan.  However, we have already been bought by the greatest owner we could imagine.  An owner that has great plans for us, that will take great care of us, and has a wonderful home that He has prepared for us.  In fact, He is the One that created us, and then turned around and bought us at the highest price He could pay: the price of His only Son’s blood.  However, even after He did all this for you and me, He gave us a choice to give ourselves over to Him or not.  He just asks one thing of us if we choose to belong to Him.  He asks that we give everything to Him.  He did not purchase us so that He could have parts of our lives, but He bought us so we could be wholly and completely His.

If we do not completely, 100% sell out to God, Satan will take whatever pieces we have left over and take ownership without paying a price for you at all.  He has done nothing to deserve us, nothing to purchase our precious souls, but he will take ownership if we haven’t already sold out to the Lord.  He doesn’t care if it’s just a small piece of us, because he knows that once he has a piece of our life, he will soon own it all.  He knows that the One who DID purchase us only wants us if we are completely His, and so Satan will take over that part of our life, and in doing so, will take over it all.

So how do we do this?  How do we sell out to God?  It is a choice we make. We either sell ourselves completely out to God, or we surrender ourselves to Satan.  We can’t just give most of ourselves to God, we have to give all of ourselves to Him. We give up every piece of ourselves, our desires, and we let God take control.  We let His will determine every piece of our lives.  Who we date, what we wear, our choice of entertainment, the friends we have, or the things we say – give it all to God.  We completely sell out to Him.  Our thoughts, our actions, our words, and our hearts are completely consumed with Him.

What benefit is it to sell ourselves out?  Well, we sell our selves to Joy, Love, Hope, and Happiness. We sell ourselves to something that will not destruct us.  We sell ourselves to something that will ultimately take care of us.  However, if we do not completely sell out every aspect of ourselves and our lives, we give it to someone who will ultimately destroy us.  I urge you ladies, sell out to God!  Sell every piece of yourself to Him!

Jamie Thompson
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I am passionate about a lot of things in life, about being outdoors in God’s amazing creation, about knowledge, about church camp, about learning about the amazing human body, and most of all about my wonderful God and the souls He created. I love to help serve God in any way I can, and love being able to be part of this ministry!

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