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pic_drawer_125014_dxsar1I jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon pretty late. I was in middle school when the first book came out and let’s just be honest- I was way too cool for books about magic and wizards. I was out of college and married when I watched my first Harry Potter film. After that, I was hooked. And now, at age 28, I am not embarrassed to say that every Christmas season it is a tradition for my husband and me to indulge in a Harry Potter marathon.

I’m telling you this because lately I have been thinking a lot about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. You know, Lord Voldemort. You see, my kids have been learning about God’s Kingdom vs. Satan’s Kingdom in school. At ages seven and six it has been eye opening to hear how they are processing the scriptures about evil vs. good.  As little children, their fresh prospective has now caused me reexamine my own.

Just like in Harry Potter, for a majority of my life I felt like Satan’s name was one that should not be named. I have always believed in Satan’s existence, but to say his name out loud or to speak of his power was never something I did. I simply kept his presence in the back of my mind too scared to face reality. Pretending he wasn’t really there just made faith either, I guess.

Now I am a mom, and as my kids are beginning to learn about the spiritual battle we are all fighting I am starting to realize just how important it is to not fear Satan’s name.

Finally be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:10-12

In Harry Potter, everyone feared the Dark Lord. For a long time, many even denied his return because the truth of his presence would be too scary. Their denial made them weak and made them perfect targets for his sly attacks. It was only when they accepted his power and began speaking his name on their lips that they gained courage and became strong enough to fight him back.

And you know what? It is the exact same for us Christians.

Just the other day Dalencia (my 6 year old daughter) witnessed a man steal something on the road. Astonished by what she had just seen, she couldn’t wait to tell me all about when she returned home. “That man was doing something that Satan wanted him to do, Mommy,” she said. “In God’s Kingdom, we are not supposed to steal. But Satan is the father of lies and he lied to that man and made him think stealing was okay, right?”

She was exactly right. Satan is real and so are his lies and his kingdom. Therefore we all need to be “strong in the Lord and in His might power” so that we can stand our ground and resist his schemes. Daily, we need to acknowledge his presence, put on our armor, and be watchful for his attacks. He wants us to abandon God’s Kingdom and he will try to appeal to us in every which way. If we are aren’t looking out for him, if we are too scared (like I was for so long) to speak his name, then we aren’t standing strong and we have the potential to be easily knocked down.

Tonight as our little family prayed together Dalencia asked God to keep Satan’s lies away from us. What a brave and wise young soul- to know that Satan’s lies are lurking but yet still confident that God’s power can keep them away. As young women of God, let us all be as bold. Let us all be strong in the Lord and be watchful for Satan’s schemes. And let us not be scared to speak his name because remember: we have the Almighty God on our side.

So what about you ladies? Do you feel like you are standing strong against Satan? Do you wake up everyday and put on your armor? Are you ready to fight away his lies and deception? The battle has begun. Are you prepared to join the fight?

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