Thank God for the Differences!

image_qhaimbGuys and girls are different!  Now I know none of you reading this are shocked or surprised to see that.  We all know this fact very well.  The way we look, the things we enjoy to do, the way we think and the way we speak are very different than men.  But sadly, we live in a world that is pushing the idea that gender does not matter and that if you feel like acting like or dressing like the opposite sex, then go for it!  We also live in a world that pushes the women to take on the role of men and not take to the job that God created them for, taking care of the home and the children.  I believe that a lot of people have forgotten the great importance of having two completely opposite genders and roles.  God created us as opposites for a reason.  He had a great plan for the family union in the very beginning of creation.  He specifically designed each human being with the gender He wanted them to be and gave each gender an important job to accomplish while we live on this earth.

What are some of the characteristics that guys have that make them so important and different from girls?  Men are more inclined to think mechanically and try to avoid emotion when making decisions.  That is one reason why God put them in charge of the family.  They can figure out what choices are best for their family, without all the emotions involved!  They are also often a lot stronger than the females (1 Peter 3:7).  This makes it nice for us to have someone to lean on when we are upset and also why God made them be the “bread winners” of the home.  The men are to take the lead in the relationship, so they need to have more strength in emotion than us.

What are some of the special difference that girls have from guys?  Women are generally much better with emotions and empathizing.  This is one of the reasons that God put us in charge of taking care of the children and the home (Titus 2:4).  We are nurturing and comforting.  Without the women’s role, the home would not be such a great place to be!  As our husbands (or future husbands) have the ability to make us feel safe, we have the ability to make them feel very loved and special.

God made girls and guys complete opposites for a reason!  If we all acted and took on the roles of women, or if we all acted and took on the roles of men, the world would be a mess!  We need both genders to make things even and keep your own family and the world spinning like God intended it.  As young women, you need to make sure that your future spouse is willing to take on the roles that God gave him and allow you to follow the roles that God gave you.  God gave each gender specific characteristics and roles and they are both equally as important.  Instead of trying to take on the role of the opposite sex, we need to thank God for the important person He made us!

Alicia Bookout
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Alicia and her husband Garrett currently serve at the Northwest congregation in Lawton, OK. They have two children: Emma and Wesley.

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