The 1% Difference

Last weekend while browsing through Halloween costumes, I noticed quite an assortment of costumes for women.  Each costume seemed to have the same problem of being overly revealing. Whether it was a female referee, a nurse, or a 50s poodle skirt, each costume was designed to show off the woman’s body.  I have seen pictures from the 50s: those girls definitely weren’t wearing miniskirts or cleavage-revealing blouses.

Today, many girls have to struggle with the idea that sexy is appealing.  The media is constantly reminding us that curvy, sexy girls get all the guys.  Girls tend to think that their clothes define who they are.  Society says if they dress too conservatively, they don’t have any fun and are boring.  Clothes should not represent a person or a person’s character.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to look cute or pretty.  It is normal for girls, especially high school age, to want to show off for the opposite sex.  Every girl struggles at one point in their lives with wanting attention from the opposite sex.  This is how we, as girls, were created.

Unfortunately, how we dress does affect how we present ourselves.  This can be done in a respectable manner though.  If girls look cute and attractive, that will come through in their personality.  The world has made us believe that if we look attractive on the outside, that’s all that matters.

For some reason, girls tend to think Halloween is a time to dress provocative.  As Christian girls, you might think, “Everyone knows I’m not THAT kind of girl so it’ll be okay if I dress a little bit sexier for a Halloween party”. But why lower your standards for some costume?  It is almost as if for that one night, we think we are allowed to slack off from a responsible dress code to show off our bodies.

But what makes this day any different than any other one?  It is not suitable to attend school or church youth events dressed in such a manner.  What makes October 31st an exception?  We can do right 99% of the time, but when a challenge is thrown at us, how we choose to handle it makes the difference.  It is the 1% of the time that defines us. I think this would be the perfect time for us to prove we are not like the world.

We, as Christian women, can set an example by not wearing costumes that show off our bodies.  We want to set a good example for the world that has us under a microscope.  Sadly, people of the world are watching us – just waiting for us to fail. We want to strive to be the kind of people that God’s light shines through.  We don’t want our words to be saying one thing, but our actions to present a different message.

God calls us to be modest (“women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation” 1 Timothy 2:9).  God would not approve if He saw us Christian women dressed scantily Monday through Friday, so why would we not want to please God on Halloween?

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Sarah is a graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She is currently as a middle school counselor in Marietta, OK.

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