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BOYS!  Isn’t it funny how one word can make us completely lose our train of thought, make us not quite think clearly, or just go crazy??  Even though we claim we think about pencils and notebooks and apples when we think of back to school, deep down, we know there is one thing that always pops into our mind, and that is… Boys!  We always wonder what new guy is going to be at school, or which of our friends grew up over the summer going from a little boy to the cute guy setting by you in class.


Even though it’s easy to become giddy over these boys, as Christian young ladies, we need to remember what our main focus should be.

During the summer, we fill our time with “church activities” whether church camps, vacation Bible school, youth group activities or anything else.  During this time we make resolutions to do better during the upcoming school year, yet many times when we get back to school, those resolutions fly out the window.  One of these downfalls is relationships.  The boys who make us giddy can also make us lose sight of what our Christian lives should be like, and what kind of guy we really want to date and marry.

When I was in the fifth grade, my counselor at church camp asked my cabin to make a list of what we wanted in our future husbands.  I still have the list today. I ran across that list not too long ago and although I am now 10 years older, I realized I still want most my future husband to have most of those qualities.  I’ve grown up and realized I don’t have to have someone who is “tall, dark, and handsome” or “rich”, but when I listed that I wanted #1 a Christian followed by other traits such as honesty, respect, and a good sense of humor, I was definitely right on target.  Some of the girls that were in that cabin with me are my very good friends today, and we were talking about that list we made so long ago.  Almost each single one of us had forfeited some of the things that we obviously cared the most about to date someone who was a “cute boy” from school.   Most of the time we had compromised our number 1 thing, and wish we had followed more closely to the list.

I encourage you girls as you go back to school to remember what is important to you in your life, in particular with the relationships you get involved in.  Remember the resolutions you made during the summer when you were fully focused on God.  If you are single, remember what you want in a future husband, and date guys that are up to those standards.  If you are already in a relationship, remember the resolutions you made during the summer and abide by those. The most important thing for all girls to keep in mind though, is to keep your focus completely on Christ.  Let God by the center of who you are and what relationships you are in.  Everything else will fall into place.

Jamie Thompson
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I am passionate about a lot of things in life, about being outdoors in God’s amazing creation, about knowledge, about church camp, about learning about the amazing human body, and most of all about my wonderful God and the souls He created. I love to help serve God in any way I can, and love being able to be part of this ministry!

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