The Queen of Sheba: A Wise Woman’s Quest for Knowledge

imagezwklxwIf you knew your life was at risk you would do whatever possible to protect it, right? You know your body needs water and food to keep you alive, so you make sure you fill yourself with it. You (hopefully) wear your seatbelts while driving, you look both ways before crossing streets and you lock your doors at night. As humans it is our nature to want to feel secure in knowing that we are as safe as possible.

Doesn’t it make sense to treat our spiritual lives the same? Just like our physical bodies would starve and wither away without food, so does our spirit if we do not feed it with God’s word. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why people fall away from the church. If you want to make sure you will not fall away from the Lord’s body and lose the life waiting for you in Heaven, then you have to protect it and secure it just like you would your physical well-being.

Let’s look at a queen who decided to take a journey (1 Kings 102 Chronicles 9). Her journey was not for fun or to see new sights, it was a journey to seek knowledge and gain wisdom. The Queen of Sheba had heard of the wisdom that God had given Solomon. She decided to make the journey all the way to Jerusalem to see if what she heard was right and to learn from this man of God. To follow the queen’s example let’s make sure we:

    The queen wasn’t satisfied with just knowing that Solomon had been blessed with wisdom and knowledge from God. She took her whole entourage and made a long journey to seek after that same knowledge that he had. We need to make sure that we are not just satisfied with knowing that the Bible is full of wisdom from God, but that we OPEN it and fill ourselves with that information. If we never open our Bibles and study for ourselves, then we will not be blessed with the God-breathed words that are offered to us.
    Not only did the queen come to see if Solomon was knowledgeable, but once she saw that he was, she asked many hard questions to him. If you have people in your life that offer Biblical advice (preachers, counselors, parents, teachers, etc) you need to test their knowledge and dig into the scriptures yourself to see if they are correct. There are people you can completely trust, but you always have the responsibility to make sure what they say is accurate. Test their knowledge and then back it up with scripture!
    I am sure the queen had every earthly pleasure that anyone could ask for. She did not have to leave her own land to find physical happiness. But she knew that there was more to life than the physical. She sought after knowledge, tested the knowledge and then loved the knowledge that was given. She gave Solomon many presents for the wisdom and knowledge that God had given him. She praised God after she found this knowledge. She was filled with joy and LOVED the knowledge that she learned. We need to find that same joy in the words of the Bible because it is those words that can save our soul. We need to praise God for them!

If we are serious about our spiritual lives and wanting to get to heaven then we will follow the example that the wise queen has set before us. Solomon asked God for an understanding heart so that he would be able to discern good versus evil (1 Kings 3:9). We need to pray for the same thing and then actively seek after spiritual knowledge until the day we die so that we will not be one of the many who fall from the Lord’s hand!

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