Tips From the Beauty Queen

image_dibihnHow many times have you sat through a worship service and instead of concentrating on the preacher’s lesson or focusing on our Lord’s death during communion, you have had these thoughts running through your mind…”why did I wear the yellow shirt instead of the red dress?” or “Wow! Her hair looks great today, I need to get a haircut like that!” or “I wonder if they noticed that I’m wearing my new wedge shoes!” Or have you ever had an opportunity at one time or another to lead a prayer for a girl’s devotional or lead a song but you were worried about what others might think of you or your appearance? Maybe you were not wearing makeup or did not have a new outfit on so you declined the offer. Perhaps you have wanted to go talk to someone who is visiting your congregation, but you think “what if everyone is looking at me and I don’t think I look my best today” so you decide to stay where you are. Sometimes we girls can be so worried about our appearance that we allow our vanity to get in the way of our serving God and doing good for others.

Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” The word “vain” is described as “excessive pride in ones appearance” and “something worthless, trivial, or pointless”. We do not want to be known as vain women, but as women of God who care for others and will not let anything, even our appearance, get in the way of us serving God.

Whenever I think of a beautiful woman who I want to be like, Esther pops into my head. The young girl who was described having “a beautiful figure and lovely to look at” (Esther 2:7), who won the “beauty pageant” and whose prize was to become the wife of the king. But what makes us really view Esther as a role model and someone who shines as beautiful? It was her godly strengths that draw us to her and look at her in awe. Let’s look at some of the strongest characteristics of Esther that make her so beautiful.

  • Beauty tip #1: Be brave.
    Esther was taken from her home to the King’s palace to later be chosen as his queen. During her time there she learns from her cousin Mordecai that there was a new law being made that her people, the Jews, were going to be destroyed. Only she could save them since she was married to the King. She has to enter the King’s room, walk to his throne and speak to the King. You were not supposed to do any of this without the King’s orders. Even though she was scared and could be killed for trying to save her people, this did not stop Esther. She did what was needed to be done and in the end saved her people. Compared to Esther’s story of bravery, should we really let our own self image get in the way of doing what needs to be done?
  • Beauty tip #2: Have compassion.
    Esther had great compassion for her people. Esther, being the Queen, could easily have ignored her cousin’s request of helping her people and carried on with her own life and saved herself the trouble of a near-death experience. But she had love for her fellow people and knew what she had to do to save them. We must have compassion for our friends, relatives, and just the average person walking on the street. If we let our appearance or our worrying about what others might think of us get in the way of our telling someone about Jesus or leading a prayer, we need to remember Esther and have compassion for others.
  • Beauty tip #3: Do the right thing, no matter what.
    Esther had many obstacles to get over in order to do what she knew was right. It did not matter to her what they were, she knew the right thing to do and did it. I am sure as she was walking into the King’s court she was not thinking “oh dear! Why did I wear purple instead of blue?” or “I wonder if they think I am crazy for doing this!” She did not have herself in mind. When you have an opportunity to help out a fellow Christian in need, no matter what your circumstance or wardrobe malfunction, you need to do it!

If we follow these tips we too can be just as beautiful as Esther. Yes, Esther was a physically beautiful woman, but more importantly she was an Inward Beauty Queen and that is what we need to strive to be as young woman of God.

Alicia Bookout
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