Twilight Passion: Which Team Are You On?

image_inchlbTwilight Fever is at pandemic levels this summer, with the latest film edition of the saga, Eclipse, hitting theaters at the start of this month. Whether you’re a member of Team Jacob or Team Edward, all Twihards (myself included) share one common desire: to be the object of the kind of love both the werewolf and the vampire have for Bella, an ordinary human girl like us.

On one hand, we have a young man with classical manners and Greek god features who resists the almost insurmountable desire to make Bella his prey and chooses instead to love and protect her. Tenderness and strength combined? Tough to turn down.

On the other hand, a motorycle-riding, wisecracking Indian teen offers Bella a mortal life with the protection of his pack of shapeshifting buddies. Warmth and humor is also a killer combination.

Both Edward and Jacob are so passionate for Bella: for her heart, soul, mind, and bodily safety, that this decision is agonizing to her, but exhiliarating to us, as we consider which one we ourselves would choose.

As Christians, it’s easy to forget that we already have Someone who is even more passionate for us than Edward or Jacob: Jesus Christ. Edward almost died when he thought Bella was gone? Jesus did die for us, before we’d even lived. Jacob braved enemy territory to protect Bella? Jesus faced the devil himself, and defeated him, so that we could have the victory over Satan in our own struggles. Jesus is truly passionate about us.

Passion is a word we use today to mean ardent love or boundless enthusiasm, but it actually came from the Latin word passio, which means the suffering of Christ. It’s funny how much the meaning of a word can change over time, isn’t it? But maybe those meanings are closer than you think.

Ardent love for our souls, boundless enthusiasm for our salvation: these are the things that motivated Christ to die for us. That’s how passionate He was–and is–for us.

If we love Christ as He loves us, with an all-consuming love, we too will have immortality: a life in heaven with Him.

That’s what Bella ultimately chose, only her soul was less secure in the immortality Edward gave her. Our souls, however, are protected by the Holy Spirit, when we choose Christ over ourselves.

So while it might be fun to fantasize about having someone love you like Edward or Jacob, the reality is that we already have that love. But we must choose everyday to sacrifice our life for it, to let it transform us into new creatures, just as Bella did for Edward.

Where do your passions lie? The choice is yours.

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