Wesley and Amanda

I’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark movies lately, a by-product of living in a house with three girls and a 5-month old son who can’t yet voice his opinion. In most Hallmark movies the two main characters meet at the beginning, but don’t know they will eventually fall in love (everyone watching does, however). That is similar to our story. Two people not realizing they were meant to be.

When I first met Amanda I was in a relationship.  Her cousin’s husband was my best friend (and classmate) and I spent most afternoons after class at his house.  Amanda had come to visit her cousin and a group of us went out bowling. She was nice and we talked some, but I never thought much about her again until after the summer. Amanda was talking to her cousin and asked about me. Zinnia, aforementioned cousin, gave her the scoop. Amanda gave Zinnia her number to give to me. And the rest is our history.

She spoke fast and I didn’t catch every word she said when I first called. I spoke slow and tried to have a sultry voice over the phone to impress her.  Even with her fast-paced speaking and my ridiculous desire to sound suave, we laughed over the phone and began calling each other regularly. Regularly became nightly; and eventually we began a long distance relationship. Many flights were purchased between Colorado and California. Double dates with her cousin and his husband (and their baby), trips to Disneyland, touring the California mountains, eating at Dicico’s Italian Restaurant, and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time were highlights of those early dating days.

Eventually it became clear that this is the girl I wanted to marry. She loved life and to laugh, enjoyed being around people, was loyal to the people close to her, and was sympathetic to the needs of others. We could talk for hours about life’s daily events and we both shared a strong faith in God and a desire to glorify Him. I called her folks and got their permission. My folks were already on board and siding with her in any disagreement we had (they still side with her and I’m a little bitter about it).

We were engaged the day before I graduated college and married three months later. Unlike the Hallmark movie, our story didn’t end with the first kiss or wedding day. Instead our story has continued and I’m reminded often that I made the right choice. I have a wife who loves me, loves God, and loves other. We have three kids of our own now and the way she mothers them reminds me that sometimes God’s plans are much better than we expect.

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Wesley preaches for the Woodson Chapel Church of Christ and Nashville and teaches at the Nashville School of Preaching and Bear Valley. He is married to Amanda and has 3 kids.

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