Yes. I. Can.

image_ymug87_300x5000“I can’t do it”.  “I’m not good enough”. “I like that idea but I don’t think it will ever happen”.  Ever catch yourself saying negative things like this?  For me it happens on a daily basis without even realizing it.  It is just so easy to be negative that it’s just accepted in everyday life.  If it’s something little or even if it’s something big I’m sure you can find a good side to it if you try.  What I don’t understand is, why be negative when there are so many things to be positive about?

If you feel that there is no one there for you, then you’re wrong.  That’s the number one thing that I could think of to be happy and possitive about.  You have a God, a friend, a listener, a savior who loves you and is there for you on your darkest day.  God wants you to be a possitive example to the world.  Having confidence in yourself and belief in your heart that there is good in the world is one way to shine His light.  Let everybody that there is something bigger than all of us to be happy about.

The next thing I thought about was family and friends.  We all have them but do we push them away by our negativity?  I know that I feel I can tell my best friends and my family everything; how I feel, what I think, What I want to do, what bugs me, etc.  And sometimes those aren’t the most possitive things in the world to talk about.  Do you tell them jokes or funny stories?  Do you tell them you love them simply because you do?  “I know it’s hard but you gotta keep your head up”.  Go tell them you’re glad they’re there and you love them no matter what.

The final thing that came to mind about being a possitive, happy example is that you have a talent.  Whether you’re naturally a good test taker, good at sports, instruments, or drawing.  Whatever the case may be you have a strength.  As for me, I like to play sports.  One thing that I hear a lot is; “Oh, we’re playing “soandso” we don’t have a chance”.  With that attitude you don’t. Be possitive!  Believe and shoot for nothing less than the best.  If you don’t believe that you can do it then you can’t.  It says in Phillipians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.  Believe it!

Micaela Curtman
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Micaela is a southern Oklahoma girl currently living in Tennessee.

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